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tv   CBS4 News Repeat  CBS  August 25, 2016 12:37am-1:15am MDT

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a colorado sheriff arrives in court in a jail jumpsuit and shackles. thomas hanna issa, kuszed of taking a developmentally disabled inmate to his home and sexually assaulting her. he is locked up in greeley. stan bush is there tonight. he went to the
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>> reporter: this has touched the entire law enforcement community as well. sheriff hanna is staying here and for his safety. he won't be behind bars with any people he puts there. >> reporter: a special prosecutor todl where the defendant had worked closely with her office. >> we felt it was best for the defendant and the public that a completely unbiassed person or agency handle at which >> reporter: sheriff hanna allegedly abused a female inmate from his jail who was developmentally disabled. the deputy who blew the whistle said the sheriff was transferring her to another jail, instead took her to his home where he offered
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>> all kind was people you think are respectable, and would never do anything -- so egregious. >> reporter: the judge issued a gag order on the case overwhelming a department with only four deputies. hanna's case could also affect a handful of other prosecutions where he is a key witness that would now testify in a a uniform. >> reporter: a glider went down near telluride this afternoon. the pilot has been identified as
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business offering glider rides to tourists. the passenger from was colorado but has not been identified. no word on what caused the aircraft to go down. surveillance video may be the key of track down to burglars. karen morfitt is live there tonight. and this apartment building appears to have really tight security. >> reporter: we could see cameras surrounding the they're typically locked, and residents say they need a key to get inside, which is why many of them are questioning how the suspects were able to walk in. surveillance cameras inside the club valencia apartments captured this video of two prospective burglars. they're seen here walking with ease into the apartment building and onto the elevator. it happened late last month. the suspects once
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by the victim in & a struggle ensued. investigators are hoping these images will help identify those involved. the first suspect is described as a black man possibly in his 20s, weighing up to 160 pounds. the second is a white woman about 5'2"sh between 150 and 180 pounds. anyone with information about what happened or who the suspects are should contact t arapahoe county sheriff's office. >> reporter: outside of contacting the sheriff's office, if you do have information, can you also call denver crime stoppers. a manhunt in boulder, that suspect was finally arrested and taken to a hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound. the trouble got go the last
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illegally. they say 34 yearly russell daniels fired four shots at officers and got away. thousands of residents were called and warned to stay inside. daniels was arrested later this morning after an extensive search. right now the search continues for a bank robber who is very good at his work. he robbed four banks early this summer and struck again yest following the investigation. frustrating for police because they seem to know who he is! >> reporter: they do. and they shared that envelope with the public, putting his -- information with the public, putting his name out there, images, and a book photo from a past arrest. despite all that, here, yesterday, he was able to prove that he could rob a bank and slip away. as far as >> reporter: for the fifth time this summer, 39-year-old sean
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the tps bank on broadway and evans. investigators say he showed a note demanding money and fled eastbound on foot. it's a pattern investigators say he keeps repeating, despite having already been caught on camera at another south broadway bank, on spier boulevard, and the u.s. bank on 38th and people who work in businesses along broadway tell us tcf bank has been robbed at least twice before. >> we're by the bus stop. so he could probably make a quick stop, 11:00 at night, jump on the bus and disappear. you don't know what people are thinking. >> reporter: sean scott is also described by police.
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no serious injuries after several tornadoes touched down in indiana. one man was reporting on his home when the twister flattened a starbucks. 8 funnel clouds were spotted in the area but it's unknown how many touched down. the damage still being tallied tonight. mike pence, the gov taking a break from the campaign trail because of the storms. 150 confirmed dead after an earthquake in a vacation town in italy. and the number is probably going to grow. >> reporter: this has been taking place throughout the town since the powerful earthquake hit. >> reporter: nice firefighters freed a 10-year-old girl. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: many of the rescuers were civilians, include
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: >> help, help! >> reporter: the clock tower marked the time just after 3:30 this morning when the 6.2 earthquake hit. the town, which stood since medieval time, was reduced to rubble in seconds. one of the collapsed buildings is a hotel believed to have 70 guests. italy's prime minister hugged firefighters who said some of the victims. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: some residents say the military response has been slow. the train made it difficult to bring in heavy equipment. >> and parts of that area are so remote they haven't been able to get there because the roads are destroyed. we've been following that debate over marijuana sales in thornton for quite sometime. now the city council has voted to allow the sale of recreational pot. thornton was one of the biggest cities in the metro area with a ban.
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recreational shops will be limited to four, and the city will start accepting applications next week. hearing from the family of a high school football player who might have to sit out when the season starts next week. we learn body his predicament from a viewer who thinks the transfer rules aren't fair! jeff todd is looking into it and says this is a special case. >> reporter: the jenkins family has been through a lot in the past year. the parents were sglrd a car accident in the back of they didn't have health insurance. so next, unpayable bill, a repossessed car, and they filed for bankruptcy. in the ice of the state -- eyes of the state high school activities association that does not equal a hardship. >> makes me feel like i put a lot of work in, not for nothing, but just a lot of work has been wasted. i was getting so ready to play all ten games, now i have to wait. it's just kind of disappointing to me.
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sit out five game this is season for eagle crest high. he transferred from lutheran high school in parker. his family couldn't afford the tuition anymore. >> my main hope would be that i could sit out the year and play the full ten >> reporter: eric's father has been working with the school on a hardship wa waiver and appealed to the associates association. >> openingure our personal life like we are now, which is embarrassing. there's nothing else we can givem proves it's a hardship case. >> reporter: hardships must be unforeseen, unavoidable, and uncorrectable. jenkins' injuries and ensuing financial problems don't meet those standards. >> his words were you put your kid in private school, you can foresee having to pull him out for financial reasons. i said, we're in an appeal process. he said no, you are out of appeals, this is our final decision >> reporter: eagle crest's
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life and to know that i can't play the first five games of my last year of high school is really disappointing to me. >> reporter: they told us they can't comment on this case because it's still active, meaning the jenkins do have an appeal! when we told the family that, they said they're going to continue to pursue this. in a week. 100 people are shocked to learn a report from their home in denver. >> we don't have nowhere to stay. >> the tricky relocation after a big bear gets stuck under a mountain porch for days.
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now moving off and dying down. off toot west of us, some snow -- off to the west of us, some snow along i-70. these could push into denver, another shower: >> the quarterbacks are just dragging out this competition for the benefit of the media members? mark sanchez gives his take on why it's taking so long
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and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks.
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an attack on an american glfrt kabul is now over. dozens were killed, several injured. once inside they opened fire. still unclear how many gunn men stormed the school. campaign 2016, we are 76 days away from the presidential election.
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donald trump campaigned in a battleground state. he rallied in tampa, florida, this afternoon. polls show he is trailing clinton by 5 points in florida. part of the problem, soft speed limit from hispanic -- soft support from hispanic and minority voters. >> hillary clinton would rather give a job to an illegal immigrant than to an unemployed hispanic citizen, african american citizen, or even to a veteran. >> hillary clinton attended a private fundraiser in california today. so far she has not addressed new controversies over deleted e-mails and funding for the clinton foundation. close to 100 people desperate for a place to stay after getting kicked out of a hostel in denver. the city says the denver international youth hostel at 16th and washington has serious fire code violations.
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garcia says those staying there had no warning. >> it's bs. i was not transitioning. i'm fully employed, i go to school. >> reporter: phil anthony came home to find tape and danger signs. the city shut it down citing a slew of haurdz conditions -- hazardous conditions. >> we don't have nowhere to stay >> reporter: neither does keith heron, one of 50 residents who spent the night at the community center. tonight he and others may be sleeping at a homeless shelter. >> basically i was transported from paying rent to being treated as a transient, a homeless person.
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>> they take my money, everybody else's money. the only answer i can get is they dropped out for the shelter. >> reporter: the nonprofit says they're working with the city and other agencies to find housing for the people who were displaced without warning. >> our staff are doing all what is possible to help them out >> reporter: mellisia garcia. it has been six months since we began reporting on the deadly attack on the sheriffs deputies serving that eviction notice in park county. today they were honor for their bravery. nate carrigan was posthumanously given a department purple heart. >> for the heroic efforts during a tremendous fire fight. >> that was the sheriff. master
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hancock were both shot several times. both were honored with purple hearts. and first responders earnreceived the meritorious service award for their actions. the amtrak winter spark express will take passengers from union station to the ski resorts. the train line was shut down all 400 tickets sold out in hours. an eviction of a different kind in breckenridge where officer his to deal with a large unwanted house guest. a neighbor wanted a 300 pound bear had been under his deck for days! officers helped tranquilize, tag, and relocate the bear. >> they look so peaceful asleep. [ laughter ] >> a welcome break from the
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here it is at 10:00 this morning. rain developing in denver. watch as we put this in motion, continues, continued into the afternoon hours, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, still raining. and it begins to pull out, another shot of rain, 8:00, through denver. we got wet again, and this is another little shot behind that. we may continue to see a couple scattered showers or thunderstorms around the area. heavy over the south east as well. have a flood advisory out for portions of baca county. rain in the west, 0.40 of an inch, to 1 inch torque 2.5 inches! here -- inch, to 2.5 inches! here in the east, just one inch, but still. colorado state patrol, golden, loveland pass! look at the snow on the top. and tomorrow -- or this evening, 10:00, showers uthey're anyone. and we --
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by 2:30, the showers and thunderstorms again scatter themselves around into the evening. friday, 1:30, here come some showers, snow at higher elevations, they continue to push through. as we head into is the, look at the dries going on here, i think saturday we can find the showers to southern sections of the state. denver and the southeast, high and dry, and then we start to warm that cool front gave us temperatures only in the 60s today. this high pressure is going to nudge this front off to the east and let some warm air mix with the cool air. we were cool today! 68 and 66. should be at 86 today. 58 right now, calm winds, 84% humidity, falling barometer. more snow! tom watkins, snow on the peaks. this
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loveland ski area. and look how white this is. snow from the tops of those mountains, and a very lovely sunrise. pretty shot there. temperatures tonight, mostly in the 40s and 50s over the eastern plains. cool tomorrow but not as cool. 70s and 60s for the eastern plains. 70s and 80s out west. here is your tonight maybe an isolated shower, clear skies, 48 and 49. for tomorrow, increasing clouds, scattered thunderstorms, and the mid to upper 70s. and for the income several day, we continue to warm it up and dry it out throughout the weekend. 86 by monday with sunny skies. >> ooh! >> back in the upper 80s to lower 90s with an isolated
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i think we're just doing it for you guys. keep it fun. [ laughter ] >> what else would you write bowl champ team, and you probably get board without it. you're welcome. >> certainly giving us something to talk about. it's been 199 days since super bowl 50! we've been wondering for 199 days who will be the starting quarterback this season. we know siemian will get the start saturday, but not necessarily the start against the panthers. my money, that's the safe bet. while trevor thinks he's ready
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out mark sanchez because he plays poorly against the 49ers. >> i think so. i think all of us are. that's been our mindset the whole way. it's a good environment for us. it's competitive. and i think we're doing a good job pushing each other. >> it wasn't, okay, that's it, throw in the towel. a lot of people interpreted it that way. but that's never been my attitude. i don't quit, and is i'll take this thing down to the wire. >> trevor is going with these guys for a little bit longer time, and he's been offense longer so he's more comfortable in it, and you can see it when he's out out there, a little more in command too. quarterback not the only thing keeping up gary kubiak at night. the broncos have a decision to make on what to do behind tj anderson. davonte booker is good to make the team. ronnie hillman is probably on as
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liked what he saw. >> i thought ronnie had his most productive game last week. this training camp. so he's pushing hard,. >> who will be the broncos 2nd string running back? 62% of you thinking it will be booker. i have never been to milwaukee. i hear it's lovely this time of year. unless you're town judging by the way they have been playing. a solo shot to left in the first, nolan arenado. rockies up 1-0, that was about the extent of the highlights for the rocks. in the 7th, that's when it all fell apart. ryan braun with his second homer of the game. later in the inning, carter with the r.b.i. double. brewers get the
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sweep. they've got the day off tomorrow. hope solo won't be suiting up for the u.s. women's national team anytime soon. she was hit with a 6-month suspension today. after the u.s.'s game against sweden, she called the swedes a bunch of cowards. she has had some conduct issues in the past and was suspend forward 30 days in 2015. don't mess with peyton manning's film study on his
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the soccer team found a fun way to kill some time. as they go around the locker room, heading the ball 25 times. [ cheering and applause ] the timeline returns this scomeek feature this is guy --
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was making his return from neck syringery in 2014. he's -- surgery in 2014. >> you're killin me. crunching. >> eat the bag. >> not easy. [ laughter ] >> here. you're enjoying that, aren't you? [ laughter ] >> you gotta be laser-focused!
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coming to you from hollywood, almost live, it's "comics unleashed" with your host, byron allen. tonight, byron welcomes manny maldanodo, sandra ball, and rudy moreno. and now, a man who believes in recycling so he got back together with his ex-girlfriend, byron allen. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you.


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